Stay Alive! mini-character sheet, formatted for a half page.

A Day in Baru-Kesh is a solo adventure designed for low level Rogues or Warriors with 30 or less total combat adds. To play, you will need some 6 sided dice, pencil and paper to write down some game notes, and a basic knowledge of the Tunnels & Trolls™ game rules.

Darkshade Publishing

You see all these T&T solo adventures available but you have no experience with the system? Use this guide to answer any questions you have about character creation, saving rolls, combat, and spells. 

A quick look at what I have been working towards over the past few years: 12 of the over 60 monsters that I have planned for the full version of More Meandering Monsters. I have added a few things that have a bit more explanation in the Appendix.

Meandering Monsters is a supplement for the Tunnels & Trolls™ role-playing system. Scenarios, monsters, articles, and other features have been designed for use with the 7.5 rules edition. Material can easily be adapted to earlier editions of T&T as well as other role-playing systems.

Apocalypse In Your Hometown is a collection of GM scenarios designed for use with the Stay Alive! modern rules variant for Tunnels & Trolls™.

'Stay Alive!' (SA!) is a modern rules variant that is intended for use with the Tunnels & Trolls role-playing game. This is not a standalone game. While intended and designed for version 7.5 of the T&T rules, any edition will work as the basics are all fairly similar.